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"Imagine this: You run a small business and you back up your data on Zip disks or Storage Tapes. You hoard those disks/tapes in a storage cabinet out in the hall. Everything's running smoothly until a fire breaks out and turns your building, your cabinet and your back-up information to ash. Where's your data now?" Disaster strikes in many forms. Businesses that depend heavily on computer data are especially vulnerable.

It takes 19 days & costs $17,000 to reenter 20 megabytes of sales data.

It takes 21 days & costs $19,000 to reenter 20 megabytes of accounting data.

Protect your Data with WebVault a SECURED OFFSITE BACKUP SERVICE

Hard-drive prices are going down, the threat escalates as companies purchase these huge drives and maintain more data on them. Backing up your data becomes more important than ever before, but very few companies do it right and far more do not back-up at all. It is more important than ever to protect the data your business depends on with a solid backup strategy. That is where GenXSP LLC can help. We provide a secure, automatic, and inexpensive solution that can make sure your critical data is fully protected.

Using your internet connection our WebVault Service will backup your files to our off-site data storage facility. Every night, your critical files are gathered up, encrypted with your secret password that only you know. The service compresses the files and transmits your encrypted files to our off-site data storage facility. You keep the encrypted password. Your files cannot be seen or accessed by anyone except you. Early every morning, the system is taken off-line and performs a backup on CD-ROM. Each weekend the system goes off-line while a FULL CD-ROM backup is performed. The CD-ROM data is safely stored in a fire-safe inventory security cabinet under lock and key.

What is WebVault?

Web Vault is a Remote Backup system that works basically like regular tape backups, with one significant difference. Instead of sending backups to a tape drive or other media attached to the computer it is backing up, a Remote Backup sends it over regular telephone lines to another computer safely off-site. It does this automatically at night while your business is closed and nobody is using the computers.

Why Backup?

Remote Backups accomplish several essential steps that are often overlooked or done improperly by other backup software - especially in the regular non-automated backup systems. Most small businesses put their productivity on the line every night and never realize it. With businesses depending more and more on the data stored in their computers, proper backups are becoming a top priority

How often is the Backup done?

Backups are done on schedule, every night. Most businesses don't do this. For one reason or another, they don't keep a regular backup regimen. Since Remote Backups are done with automated software at night, when nobody is using the computer, backups are always done on schedule.

What data do you Back up?

Ordinary backup software is often installed with a list of files to be backed up. This set of files usually represents the state of the system when the software was installed, and often misses critical files. Further, it often fails to back up files that are added later. Compounding this problem, VERY few businesses take the trouble to reset their backup software regularly to include new files. Remote Backup solves this problem with a sophisticated system that constantly reevaluates your system, adding files to the backup as needed.

What about security?

Backups are encrypted for complete security. Tape backups are not generally encrypted, so anyone can read them and gain access to your client database, billing records, payroll, tax info, and everything else on your computer. Remote Backup encrypts its backups for complete security so nobody, not even we, can read them.

Why offsite backups?

This is where almost every business makes its biggest mistake. Even if you do everything else perfectly, your backups are of little use if your building burns, or if you are unable to physically recover your tapes from the premises. Most small companies who do backups leave the tapes in the building with the computer, where they can be destroyed right along with the computer.

Best Features of WebVault:

  • Encrypted & Secure Your entire transaction is encrypted from you computer to our server. Secure offsite backup and storage, great for disaster recovery.
  • Cost Effective Eliminates all expensive costs associated with having an on-site backup system and the technical expertise to implement them.
  • Most small businesses don't have a backup plan that fully protects them.
  • Protect your most valuable asset, your computer data!
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