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iFolder FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs Syncsave?
Anyone who:

  • can't afford to experience data loss
  • needs to simplify backups
  • needs to access files from anywhere without bringing a personal computer
  • has files that are often to big to email to themselves
  • has files that are not backed up by their company
  • is an independant sales representative
  • takes work home
  • is a student and needs to access files from any computer
  • doesn't know where their files are stored
  • has had or knows someone who has had a laptop stolen
Who doesn't need Syncsave?
If you answer NO to all of the following:
  • I wouldn't notice or care if all data on my computer were lost or destroyed
  • I do not need file access from any location
  • I do not bring work home
  • I have never misplaced an important file.
  • I have never lost any data because I have an impeccable backup system in place
Can I upgrade my level of storage?

My data is very sensitive in nature, is it secure?
Syncsave does not have access to your password or pass phrase. Before your files are transmitted across the Internet, they are encrypted with a 128 bit encryption process using your pass phrase as the key. The contents and the names of the files are not known while stored on the Syncsave server.

Must I install the iFolder client on my computer?
No. The iFolder client provides the monitoring and automatic sychronization of your files with the iFolder server, but is not required to be installed on your computer.

What happens when I delete a file in my iFolder?
During synchronization the file will be deleted from the server and eventually all other workstations that synchronize with your iFolder.

I didn't want to delete that file. What can I do?
You have two choices:
- Undelete from the trash bin
- Or, connect to the iFolder web site using a browser and download the lost file.
(Warning: don't login using the iFolder icon in the system tray -- this will delete the file on the server during synchronization)

I have a computer at home and at work. Can I have both connected to Syncsave at the same time?
Yes. The computer that is actively being used will synchronize to the Syncsave server and immediately synchronize to the other computer.

Can I have two users sharing the same account and using the system at the same time?
Multiple users can share the same Syncsave account. Realize that the files will be the same for all users. If they are modifying the same file some conflicts may result. This product was not meant for collaborative file sharing.

My hard drive failed with all of my files on it. How do I get them back?
After restoring your computer, go to the Syncsave web site, download the Client, install the client and login to your iFolder. Your files will automatically download to your computer.

Is there an Syncsave client for a Mac?
Not at this time. While Mac's can access Syncsave files, there is no automatic synchronization process for a Mac.

Can I access my files from my iMac?
Yes. Any computer with Internet access and a browser (Netscape 4.7 or Internet Explorer 5 or later) can access Syncsave files.

I can login to the iFolder web page but receive a message that my pass phrase is invalid?
Did you install the iFolder client on one computer or at least use the iFolder client once to access the system? Using the client once is required to create your pass phrase 128 bit encryption.

Do I need a password?
Yes. This password gives you secure access to the iFolder server. Your password must be six (6) characters in length and is not case sensitive.

Why have a Pass Phrase?
The Pass Phrase creates the 128 bit encryption key that makes your files unreadable by anyone but the person with the knowledge of your Name, Password, and Pass Phrase. All three are needed making your files very secure.

Can my password and pass phrase be the same?
Yes, BUT this is highly discouraged. By using the same word the level of security would be reduced.

What should the Pass Phrase be?
As the field describes, make it a phrase that you will remember but not to simple. The Pass Phrase is case SeNsiTiVe, can have spaces, numbers, or special characters (!@#$%^&*(=[,}?{>])-+/<.)

The iFolder software can remember my password and pass phrase. Should I use this feature?
Yes. You should use this feature on one computer. Preferably the one at home. Your files are not encrypted on your computer, so this is not a security problem. Don't forget your password and pass phrase. You will need it if you use a browser to access your files through the iFolder web site.

How do I change my password?
The iFolder web page gives you the ability to change passwords.

I forgot my password.
Net Trek does not have access to any passwords or pass phrases. This provides a higher level of security. We can change it for you without knowing the old one if you forget yours. You should login and immediately change it.

I gave my friend (relative, etc.) access to my iFolder account and have to take it away. How is this done?
First, go to your iFolder web page and change your password. Check the integrity of the files on the iFolder web site using a browser. If the files you want are there with no problems, synchronize your computer using the iFolder client. Contact us to change your pass phrase.

How do I know how much storage I have used?
While logged in to iFolder, right click the iFolder icon in your system tray and select 'Account Information'. This will show your monitored folder and the amount of space consumed.

What differentiates iFolder from the competition?
Many other file synchronization products require a VPN to access files remotely, iFolder does not. Other products also require that the entire file be updated even if only a simple change is made. iFolder only updates the changed portions of a file optimizing bandwidth from modem connections.

Why doesn't iFolder require a VPN to access files remotely? Isn't this a security compromise?
iFolder has two levels of security. First, the Directory prevents unwanted access to an iFolder account. Second, iFolder uses Blowfish 128-bit key encryption to encrypt the actual files while delivered over the Net and while on the server. Only the owner of the file will be able to decrypt and view the file name and contents.

Does iFolder keep track of the last modification if multiple users access the same file at the same time?
The latest file that is saved is the file that is updated on the server.

Does iFolder ONLY backup items in the iFolder directory? Can you change the c:\my documents\iFolder to a different directory?
You can designate any folder as an iFolder directory.

How does iFolder keep track of changes? If a change occurs, does the date/time stamp get updated?
The iFolder client watches the file system for changes and syncs any changes to the files. Yes, the date and time stamp get updated.

Can we exclude any folder from the backup process?
Any folder may be designated as an iFolder folder.

How does iFolder handle multiple changes from different clients?
iFolder accepts the file with the latest time stamp into the iFolder directory. If the same file is saved on another machine with an earlier time stamp, the file is saved in the iFolder conflict bin and can be restored at any time.

When accessing iFolder through the browser do I have to download to make data changes and then upload again?
Yes, you must download a file, work on it, then upload it again to save your work in iFolder.

I use the same iFolder client machine to access two different iFolder accounts?
Yes, you can login and out of different iFolder accounts. Each account will then have its own folder.


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