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Cool Uses of iFolder

Backup Netscape Mail Automatically (article, 1/14/2003)
Create a Hard Link to Files (article, 12/4/2002)
Get Quick Download of VPN Software (article, 12/4/2002)
Goodbye GroupWise Remote - Hello iFolder (article, 9/4/2002)
iFolder Fault Tolerance (article, 10/9/2002)
iFolder for Micro Businesses (article, 2/13/2003)
Keep Your IE Favorites the Same (article, 1/14/2003)
Keeping Teaching Materials at your Fingertips (article, 11/7/2002)
Keeping Track of Projects (article, 7/11/2002)
Quick Changes to Close the Deal (article, 5/6/2002)
Sharing Files with Consultants (article, 11/7/2002)
Shirts for Tips (article, 1/14/2003)
Stash your Travel Papers in iFolder (article)
Stashing Student's Files in iFolder (article, 6/5/2002)
Store Exchange PST Files (article, 10/9/2002)
Synching Outlook Express Files (article, 11/7/2002)
Synching your iPaq (article, 12/4/2002)
Take Trillian on the Road (article, 9/4/2002)
Using NetDrive in University Computer Labs (article, 2/13/2003)
Work from Home with iFolder (article, 10/9/2002)
Work on Your Website Using iFolder (article, 8/8/2002)

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